Advocate for your dog

By Erin Jayne

Thursday, November 11th 2021

🐺 Advocate for your dog
🐺 YOU are responsible to be their voice
🐺 Not all dogs trust humans or dogs immediately, some take time or some only trust the people or dogs in their family pack.
And that's OK!
🐺 If you know your dog is not comfortable being touched by strangers, don't allow it to happen. If you do allow it, then your dog will lose confidence in YOU to protect them.
🐺 Then the dog will go into one of two mental states - Fight or Flight
🐺 They will either try to get away or they will growl, show teeth, or even bite.
🐺 There are a range of bandanas, vests, leashes and collars online for sale that can help with your advocacy.