Puppy Foundations Program

  • For dog’s under 6 months of age

  • Duration – 4, 1 hour sessions over 4 consecutive weeks

  • Location – In-home service 

  • Price - $650.00

Do you want one on one in home support and coaching through the most important development period of your new puppy’s life?

Do you want to be prepared and have the knowledge and skill set to teach and modify your dog’s behaviour throughout their life?

Do you want a program specifically designed and tailored for your dog and your family?

This program was designed to teach owners how to communicate, motivate and modify canine behaviour.  

To establish the foundations for success and understanding plus the essential commands to live a safe, happy and fulfilling life with your new family member. 

Program includes:

  • Canine communication and body language

  • Motivation and reinforcement

  • Canine nutrition

  • Canine psychology 

  • Breed fulfillment 

  • The power of play

  • Dog safety

  • Practical training techniques

  • Operant conditioning

  • Classical conditioning 

  • Assessment and Certificate 

Recent Graduates

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